The Claudio Fiore

It's all about me! My music, my poetry, my photography and also Plum Tree Books and Ultrasonic Music Germany!

About Claudio Fiore

About Claudio Fiore

I am Claudio Fiore, a producer, writer and musician creating many styles of music. I have been a drummer for many years and exclusively use Roland V-Drums, ProMark sticks and Meinl & LP percussion. The styles of music I produce are mostly electronic based including electronica, ambient, house, trance, chillout, dance, electro, lounge and downtempo, but also funk, rock, pop and much more…

I have been releasing music since 2011 under the Sweet Sounds label and under my own label “Squirrel Sounds”. In Jan 2012 I released my debut album “24Hours”

Since then, early in 2012, I was signed to the wonderful digital release label Ultrasonic Music Germany (UMG) (Tom Cloverfield (CEO)) and things were on the move. My second album “Digital Universe” has since been released along with a number of singles and EP’s on the UMG label.

Along with this I am now very proudly the Musical Director of Plum Tree Books, and also will soon be opening the London, UK based UMG studio, formerly “InHouse Music Studio”.


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