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Solar Paradox The Remixes – released with great remixes from Stan Dart and a new ambient mix from Claudio Fiore

New Release – Solar Paradox The Remixes

Solar Paradox The Remixes - 600

Solar Paradax saw it’s debut on the album Digital Unverse. And with the additions of a great full length remix by Stan Dart, a Corto Mix from Stan Dart and the Sole Ambiente Mix by Claudio Fiore saw it’s re-release as an EP (Solar Paradox The Remixes) with these outstanding remixes and also the original version. Stan Dart, an upcoming electronica artist and wonderful musician asked me if he could remix one of my tracks, and once he decided on Solar Paradox I anticipated his remix. When it arrived in my dropbox I was astounded at the wonderful work and remix Stan had produced. All the tracks mastered by AudioFury Mastering saw there release on the Ultrasonic Music Germany label and are available on all major digital download sites including but not limited to those listed below.

Track list:

  1. Solar Paradox (Original Mix)
  2. Solar Paradox (Stan Dart Remix)
  3. Solar Paradox (Sole Ambiente Mix)
  4. Solar Paradox (Stan Dart Corto Mix)

Available at (but not limited to):

I hope you enjoy listening to the music as much as Stan Dart and I enjoyed making the music.

  • Release title : Solar Paradox The Remixes
  • Artist : Claudio Fiore
  • Remixes by : Stan Dart and Claudio Fiore
  • Release date : 9th January 2013
  • Label : Ultrasonic Music Germany

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