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Re-Released – 24Hours Remastered

24Hours Remastered

by Claudio Fiore

I am proud to present the re-release of my debut album 24Hours Remastered beautifully remastered by AudioFury Mastering. a collection of Chillout, House, Trance and Ambient tracks, and a new addition, the Club Edit house remix of “Night Life”. After the initial release of this album under Squirrel Sounds Records, I decided that as I was now signed to Ultrasonic Music Germany, and was not happy with the original mastering of the album, it was time to take it down, have it remastered and re-released. 24Hours Remastered  is a theme based album of electronica styled music ranging from ambient to trance with some house and chillout in between. I took the theme of the 24 hour day, and and tried to bring each part alive in music from Day Break through to Before Sunrise This album would be a great addition to your MP3 collection especially if you like instrumental electronic chilled music!

Track list:

  1. Day Break
  2. Early Morning
  3. The World Comes Alive
  4. Afternoon Madness
  5. Twilight
  6. Dusk Arrives
  7. Evening Follows
  8. Night Life
  9. Late Night Journey
  10. Angels Lullaby
  11. Before Sunrise
  12. Night Life (Club Edit) – Extra track

Why not preview it on one of the sites below, and if you like it buy a copy, (and leave a review!) 🙂 Also available worldwide on many other digital download and streaming sites.

Go on make my day! Enjoy.


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