The Claudio Fiore

It's all about me! My music, my poetry, my photography and also Plum Tree Books and Ultrasonic Music Germany!

The Claudio Fiore Show on

The Claudio Fiore Show – Broadcast live every Monday at 8pm London, UK time from InHouse Music Studio in London. Every week brings something different from this live internet radio broadcast. You can listen to the previous broadcast show podcasts, or to the live show by clicking here! Or go to the link:

Every few weeks I present an “Unsigned Soundcloud Showcase” showcasing unsigned artists who’s great music should be heard by a wider audience. If you are an Unsigned Soundcloud Artist and would like your music to be played, then please join and submit your music to my Soundcloud group “Unsigned Soundcloud Showcase Radio Show“. On other shows I present a multi-genre set, changing themes each week. Enjoy the live links, and also join in the tweets by tweeting #TheCFS @TheClaudioFiore on twitter. (

For more information about The Claudio Fiore Show why not “like” my Facebook page at and you can also go and check out the streaming and podcast player directly on my website page here Download the shows and listen at your leisure!

There is also an iTunes™ podcast available which updates after the live show is broadcast. You can subscribe for free in iTunes™ by clicking here.

Give it a try, you might like what you hear! 


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